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320k Stereo audio bitrate rate 48khz (as downloaded from and converted by itunes)
Beats the sound quality of the LP I just picked up of his music "for a song" at a giveaway price!
His full CDs are a bit pricey at times it seems. However we have all the best of it right here for you
I believe!

Here are the great songs of the famous Mr. Jimmy Roselli of the good old USA
bringing us Italian and and even an Elvis (Welcome to my world) favourite

Jimmy Roselli's best song hit sold in the millions making him a significant
success - in any event the human emotion he shows when he hits the notes
is all the success anyone needs even if folks dont have the taste anymore to
appreciate such works of actual humanity on the landscape I guess

Also included is 'Just say I love her" featuring ENG-ITA lyrics
and of course his signature song Mala femena, Anema e core, Tu ca nun chiagne
great sounding Passione and Torna e Surriento - all favourite songs
of the genre! supreme!

Thanks for seeding

Michael Rizzo Chessman

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Jimmy Roselli - Best of Italy and USA song picks 320k mp3 (musicfromrizzo)
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  • Jimmy Roselli - Dicitencello vuie (Just say I love her) (musicfromrizzo).mp3 (10.3 MB)

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