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drag and drop folder to make a new catalog.

Use this application to catalog your music library, movie collection or other documents and organize their metatags and geolocation data
What's new in abeMeda Portable
Added a number of new search criteria and find options: you can now find video codecs or aspect ratios, find specifically in EXIF camera maker, model and lens name strings
And you can specifically search in the new Person tags (one person is/contains and no person is/contains)
Added a new "last updated" date to our catalogs - from now on, the date the catalog was last updated will be kept separate from the last modified date, which changes whenever any item or attribute in the catalog is changed.
The "last updated" date can be seen in the Inspector, the catalogs' properties sheets, and can be shown as a column in the Details View.
Databases come in handy when you have to deal with large amounts of information and especially when you need to sort it for easier access.

abeMeda Portable enables you to catalog photo, video and audio collections by storing the data into fast and reliable databases on your computer.

Create thumbnails for your pictures and movies
Every photograph you add to the collection has a thumbnail assigned to it to give you a glimpse of the full item when you are browsing through the catalog. The same is also true for movies, which can be previewed thanks to the snapshots extracted directly from the video.

Image files usually contain characteristic information, such as EXIF, geotag and IPTC metadata. They can all be extracted, viewed and modified using abeMeda Portable. The available geolocation details can help you find other pictures taken near the same location, thanks to the implementation of GeoFinder.

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